Service Chiefs, Government and Insecurity in Nigeria

Insecurity is as old as mankind. Throughout recorded history, there are documented events of crime and insecurity in all civilisations. Human beings have had to live with crime and insecurity for centuries. As societies developed and evolved, the need to prevent and reduce crime became evident. They established institutions and built structures aimed at curtailing, preventing and reducing insecurity. It is interesting to know that even with the level of sophistication and experience in many developed countries; no country has been able to stop criminal activities from happening. The more organised the state institutions, the more organised and specialised the criminal elements get. Insecurity therefore has continued to live with man and can hardly be cured.
The global history of insecurity is difficult to trace but there are many stories and events from ancient civilisations to buttress the fact that man has always lived with insecurity. Ancient wars were often sparked by criminal usurpations, greed, corruption and revenge. The attack on the traveller from Jerusalem to Jericho who was attacked, beaten and dispossessed of his possessions as narrated by Jesus in the parable of the good Samaritan (although only illustrative) shows that organised criminal activities were rife even before the time of Jesus. The conspiracy between Judas Iscariot and his co-travellers to betray his master with a token also points to the ancient nature of crime in human societies.
Similar attacks and criminal activities happened in the time of the prophet Muhammad as he tried to enshrine his message among the people.
During the Trans Saharan trades in Africa, certain tribes and clan constituted themselves into criminal gangs and attacked travellers passing through their towns and communities. Travellers passing through such routes had to hire the services of armed security escorts to accompany them on business trips. Such dangerous routes where also often abandoned. Till date, we still have bandits all over the world despite concerted efforts to eradicate them.
Seafarers also suffered similar fates in the hands of pirates. Just like the caravans through the deserts, ship captains also returned the services of security guards on their ships to forestall incessant attacks on their vessels. Despite these attempts, sea piracy has not abated and has continued to evolve with sophistication even to this day.
The Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacists terror group existed way back before the 18th century and dealt a heavy blow on the American racial struggles. Till date racial prejudices inspired by the Ku Klux Klan ideology are still common around the world.
In Nigeria, insecurity has always been with us as evident in the many intertribal wars chiefly centred on land and chieftaincy in the south and religiously inclined riots in the north. However, organised forms of crime and insecurity are said to have spiked in the 1980s partly because of the proliferation of weapons from World War II and the Nigerian Civil War and the widespread corruption that began to be institutionalised in the Nigerian social order. Criminal activities and insecurity as we see now in Nigeria are worsened by illiteracy, unemployment, nepotism, religious fanaticism, corruption and a lot more. Preventing insecurity in Nigeria will only be possible if these evil underlying factors are dealt with head long instead of hoping that the security chiefs and other security agencies can cure insecurity just by a swirl stroke.
No nation has eradicated insecurity within its borders. Even if the internal security situation is calm, external security threats continue to pose danger to the internal peace. It is therefore impossible to cure any nation of insecurity. The duty of service chiefs is not to cure any nation of insecurity but to prevent it. Those calling for the heads of security chiefs must understand security is a societal challenge that is multi faceted and as such must be handled with care. Those calling for an end to insecurity and blaming the service chiefs must know that except through prayers as advocated by President Muhammadu Buhari, insecurity cannot be cured but prevented. This Nigerian Army and other security agencies are doing their best to ensure our security and stability as a nation.
Insecurity does not benefit anybody and has been known to have negative and long lasting impacts on economic and social life. The attacks by bandits on Trans Saharan trade routes and the activities sea pirates variously led to the abandonment of trading activities and a possible change in trade routes thereby affecting local economies that hitherto flourished on such routes. Nigeria has suffered her own share of losses occasioned by insecurity and we must not let this continue to happen by pointing accusing fingers in the wrong direction.

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