WAC harps on Documentations And Policy Analysis to Address Present Higher Education trends Worldwide

WAC Partners UNESCO on Projects As Panacea To “IQA, ITEQA” Global Challenges

… UNESCO Says Collaboration will Address Challenges in Higher Education Systems Worldwide

As part of efforts to promote strategic priorities with a view of enhancing the quality provision of higher Education systems Worldwide, World Accreditation Commission (WAC) has partnered United Nations Educational, Scientific And Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Centre, Central and South America as a Panacea to the global higher education systems Challenges on International trends on Education Quality Assurance (ITEQA) And International Quality Assurance (IQA).

The media learnt this today in an electronic media chat with the Leaders of the two different global Organizations (WAC and UNESCO), the duo partners on projects, agreement, internal and external quality assurance, Education policy analysis documentation with a signatory seal of the Central And South America Ambassador to UNESCO in Argentina, Distinguished Professor Sir Dr. Luis Emilio Abad, and the World Grand President, World Accreditation Commission WAC, World Acclaimed Distinguished Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu cum UNESCO Laureate.

Distinguished Sir Dr. Abad told our reporter that UNESCO’s partnership with WAC as a document of recognition is as a result of: “WAC’s dispositions to superior Academic Quality, Organization integrity and like-mindedness of mission, documented and described by a signed Memorandum of agreement between the Organizations”.

“World Accreditation Commission (WAC) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific And Cultural Organization (UNESCO) acknowledges full and formal Organization as a partner.
“We are specialized of the United Nations (UN) aimed at promoting World peace and security through international cooperation in education, the sciences and culture”.

“In witness whereof, subscribed my name officially with my signature under the official seal of the UNESCO as an Ambassador of Central and South America Centre and conferred in the year of our Lord on March 27th, 2021”.

According to World Grand President, WAC, H E., UNESCO Laureate Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu, World Accreditation Commission (WAC) said the Worldwide Organization is active in the theory and practice of quality assurance in Education.
“The two parties agreed to strengthen Collaboration, deepen insights, Promote holistic approaches to current issues, trends, challenges facing higher Education systems globally”.

“Also that WAC will produce a synthesis reports, and profer solutions and recommendations for international and networks Development for internal and external quality Assurance in Education”, which he said is in line with best global Education policy analysis as part of projects agreement, objectives, contents and descriptions and partnership documents.

In the words of UNESCO Laureate and World Grand President, WAC: ” The Collaborations with UNESCO is very important and highly Commendable on this current Projects towards preliminary policy Interviews, survey, data analysis and scope of the study, and reports for the three global Organization leaders as a team, Distinguished Sir Dr. Luis Emilio Abad, “I, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu, And Professor Sir Boselin Prabhul (UNESCO, WAC and Board Member of WAC) to support WAC on data collection from external quality Assurance Agencies and Higher Education institutions as a tacit driving forces for changes, prospects in higher education”.

“WAC in this partnership with UNESCO will produce the overall reports on the international trends on Education quality Assurance (ITEQA) and International Quality Assurance (IQA).

“UNESCO has the right to reverse the survey instruments and propose adjustments of the needs of each Region. UNESCO and WAC research results, reports will be published on their Websites and booklets for citations and future investments in global higher education systems”.

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