Venezuela blasts Colombian Foreign Ministry on FANB operations in Apure state, opposes statement

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela outrightly forbids the statements of the Colombian Foreign Ministry, in which it expresses its alleged concern about the recent operations of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces in Apure state, in the exercise of the defense of national sovereignty, with the unfortunate balance of two deceased Venezuelan troops.

The abandonment of the borders by the Colombian State is a proven fact, granting a more than tacit consent to the actions of various criminal groups that operate in the area. The government of Iván Duque, with the support of the US Southern Command and its recently created elite group of 7,000, has installed a corridor of illegal activities such as human trafficking, illegal mineral exploitation and drug trafficking, aimed at financing the instrumentalization of these armed groups against Venezuela.

The military operations carried out by the FANB against illegal camps of Colombian armed groups have been carried out in rural areas, and have been aimed at protecting the civilian population from the adverse effects of illegal activities and systematic violence by these groups. irregular.

These operations have the support of the Venezuelan people, who repudiate the different forms of violence derived from more than seventy years of the Colombian war, while recognizing the prudence with which the military leadership is carrying out the operations, guaranteeing human rights. and, above all, the life of the population.

The events that occurred in the vicinity of the town of La Victoria show that these Colombian armed groups act against the civilian population, attacking facilities of the electricity service, the tax authority and the state oil company, also using terrorist methods such as planting of antipersonnel mines, for the dismantling of which Venezuela will request the specialized support of the United Nations.

Upon seeing themselves defeated, these armed groups have used the population as a human shield to flee to Colombia, where they are not persecuted, as they have the tolerance and protection of the authorities of that country.

By reiterating its absolute support for its Bolivarian National Armed Forces and the civil authorities of the region, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will effectively guarantee peace within the national territory and ratify that any attempt to violate the territorial integrity of Venezuela, either Conventional or covert, on the part of any armed organization, be it regular or irregular, will have a forceful reaction.

Source: mppre

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