Bicentennial Congress Of The Peoples Of The World Commemorative acts of the bicentennial of the battle of Carabobo

The World Commemorative acts of the bicentennial of the battle of Carabobo have retired to a world interactive event as delegations all around the world have come together for resultful delibrations.

The event that commenced yesterday 21st June 2021 would last till 24th June 2021.

According to a statement made available to our reporter by His Excellency, David Nieves Velasquez Caraballo, the Ambassador of Venezuela to Nigeria disclosed that the Plenary Session will be held at the Ríos Reyna Hall, Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex/ Meliá Caracas Hotel by
14:00-17:00 HRS while the working group meetings will be held in the same venue
With Each delegate invited to select a working group of his/her interest, taking into account that
for the debate, it is expected to have equitable regional representation per working group.

“Working Group 1: Production and procurement of vaccines against COVID-19: Towards a Global Vaccine
Plan by the Peoples.
Working Group 2: The crisis of Capitalism, Neoliberalism and new models of coexistence.
Working Group 3: Political systems and progressivism in the world: Monroe Doctrine in Nuestramérica,
Unilateral Coercive Measures and the emergence of a Multicenter and Pluripolar World.
Working Group 4: Neoliberalism Vs. Social Inclusion: Towards an economy for life.
Working Group 5: Military Plans of Imperialism, NATO expansion, and self-determination of the peoples.
Working Group 6: Historical memory, Peoples’ resistance and alternative, communal models against Cultural
hegemony, by 17:30-20:30 HRS”.

He further stated that Complementary Agenda is expected to commence by
18:30-20:30 HRS, elucidating also that Cultural political activity against the economic and military war in the world,
Artistic expression: music, videos, and animation would be key points of deliberations would be displaying.

“By 18:00-20:00 HRS, special masterclass
Place will kick off and
17:30-19:00 HRS, External Visit A. Caracas Communal Visit to an experience of people’s power in Caracas.”

His Excellency, David Nieves Velasquez Caraballo also stated that
June 22 (Second Day) activities will commence by
09:00-17:00 HRS, pointing out that the Official Agenda
Include each delegate invited to join the working group of his/her continent, according to his/hers
place of origin.
“Working group 1 (A, B and C): Characterization of America and its Regions.
Working group 2: Characterization of Europe and its Regions.
Working group 3: Characterization of Africa and its Regions.
Working group 4: Characterization of Asia and its Regions.
Working group 5: Characterization of Oceania and its Regions.
14:00-17:00 HRS.

“Global Characterization By Social Sector And Common Agenda
Methodology: Each delegate is invited to join a workgroup by sector.
17:30-20:30 HRS complementary agenda
18:30-20:30 HRS: Cultural political activity in solidarity with Palestine.
Artistic expression: music, videos, and animation.

18:00-20:00 HRS.Special Masterclass
Place: Meliá Caracas Hotel.
17:30-19:00 HRS. External Visit B. Historical Route.
Place: Visit to the House of Simón Bolívar, City Council, Bolívar Square, and National Pantheon.

“June 23 (Third Day)
09:00-17:00 Hrs. Official Agenda
Place: Meliá Caracas Hotel.
9:00-12:00 HRS, working groups with the theme, “General organizational expressions and instances of each sector by 14:00-17:00 HRS.

He said, the fourth day would be the Closing Ceremony Of The Congress with a
” Complementary Agenda
18:30-20:30 HRS: Cultural political act for the unity of the people.
Artistic expression: music, videos and animation.
Place: Meliá Caracas Hotel, pool area.
18:00-20:00 Special Masterclass
Place: Meliá Caracas Hotel.
17:30-19:00 HRS External Visit C. Caracas Bella Route.
Place: Visit to Waraira Repano Park and Humboldt Hotel.

“June 24 (Fourth Day)
All Day Round
Commemorative acts of the bicentennial of the Battle of Carabobo.
Programming coordination
Executive Secretary
Bicentennial Congress Of The Peoples Of The World”, he said.

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