Prof Pitan Oluyemisi Olubunmi Appointed as a Professor and Director of Center at Crown University Int’l Chartered Inc

H E UNESCO Laureate Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu (World Acclaimed Distinguished Professor Emeritus ratified by UNESCO top up by UNN Nigeria CSER Malaysia MPRH Institute Iran WCU USA ICERE Argentina South America and others world wide) has appointed Prof Pitan Oluyemisi Olubunmi Appointed as a Professor and Director of
Centre of Education Foundation Studies, Consultancy Research and Human
Development (CEFSCR &HD) at Crown University Int’l Chartered Inc following her immeasurable achievement in the academic world.

While disclosing this to media, the VC of the University, Prof. Aremu Bashiru said Prof Prof Pitan Oluyemisi Olubunmi deserves the appointment stating that he wish her well in her new portfolio.

Prof. Aremu Bashiru while giving a brief background of Prof Pitan Oluyemisi Olubunmi, he said, she is Experienced Professor of Counseling Psychology with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry.
“She have many published and unpublished journals to her credit, both nationally and internationally. She is an author of professional books. Skilled in Administration and human development. She have attended conferences and workshops nationally and internationally.

“She has conducted and engaged in numerous researches. She is also skilled in Lecturing, Motivational Speaking, Teaching, Tutoring, and Education. Strong education professional with a Doctor of Philosophy – PhD focused in Guidance and Counselling (Clinical Psychology) from University of Ibadan.

“She have been in the University admistration for over twelve years.
She possess the Innovative skill to a considerable level especially in youth empowerment. She have pioneered so many projects having to single handedly recruit her working team. She draw up budgets for heavy and lenghty timed projects for the financial smooth running of the units managed in the organisation. She can interpret policies and financial implications of designed budgets. She possess the innate skill to improvise and create something successfully out of nothing. She have faced situations where she have to build institutions from the scratch to appreciative and sustaining standards. She is endowed with an enormous capability to arouse advocacy machineries to achieve enduring objectives to successful and fulfilling end results. She build workable and functioning structures effortlessly. She have involved herself in many peace missions.

“She is an honorary member of the African Refugees Organization ( AREF). She is also an Ambassador for peace given by UN/UPF. She is a currently a Presidential Appointee to the National Teachers Institute of Nigeria’s Governing Council.

“Her competencies include Personnel Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Human Development”.

However, Crown University International Chartered is a global private, research university in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina, South America, which offers professional vocational training and higher education. Founded in 2011, the University has partners in Ghana, Benin Republic, Togo, Nigeria, Liberia, India, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other associates worldwide. It serves as an autonomous global university, offering education and practical skill in the courses taught in its main campus at Santa Cruz and on-campus studies by 42 worldwide affiliated colleges in 22 countries. Some of academic partners are Bharat University in India, Mother Theresa University in India, University of Kara Republic of Togo and Shimla University India

The institution registered in the State of Delaware, United States and received global joint accreditation certificates and recognitions from the International Quality Assurance Agencies for Higher Education (INQAAHE), Board of Quality Standards (BQS), International Association of Transnational Universities, (IAU), the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), the African Quality Assurance Network (AfriQAN) and several others.

Prof. Sir Bashiru Aremu while congratulating her, admonished her to continue in her hard work and ensure that no stone is left unturned within the scope of his duty.

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