ECOWAS-NTU EU-ECOWAS TFP II visits JBP of Noepe-Akanu, Seme-Krake under TFP II

ECOWAS-NTU (Implementing partner of EU-ECOWAS TFP II) has visited Joint Border Posts (JBP) of Noepe-Akanu (between Togo and Ghana) and Seme-Krake (between Nigeria and Benin) under Transport Facilitation Project II.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS Commission) NTU International (TFP II implementing partner for EU-ECOWAS) visited the joint border posts of SEME-KRAKE and NOEPE – AKANU from March 19 to 22, 2021 as part of the closure of the 10th EDF transport facilitation project II (TFP II).

The construction, equipment (including furniture, ICT equipment, security scanners, freight scanners and weighbridges) and operationalization of the JBP were funded by the European Union.

Speaking on Saturday 20 2021, in Noepe Akanu JBP, the Base Commander of Noepe Akanu JBP Mr. Ama., said that the lot of positive action was taken during this project, however it must be continued.

Seme-Krake JBP Command Custom Zone Controller Mr. B.M. Jibo said great actions have been taken with the current construction of the common pedestrian passage and the cargo scanner but there it will also be necessary to put in place strategies for the continuity of actions linked to this project.

Mr. Baba Moussa, Team Leader of the NTU Technical Assistance Team, said that the TFP II is a project,and all projects have a beginning and an end.

The two JBPs were subsequently handed over to concerned Member States who have now the fully responsibility to take over the management and operationalization of these facilities to ensure that the achievements related to this project are sustainable.

This project made it possible to set up operational equipment for the JBPs of NOEPE-AKANU and SEME-KRAKE border expand the pedestrian processing area, a mobile Cargo Scanner, a weighbridge, IT equipments and Furniture via funding from the European Union.

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